6 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement


As everyone is familiar with the importance of Twitter Engagement, they are crazy for increasing the growth of the Twitter account. But unfortunately, the users do not know how to collect Twitter engagement.

By applying some psychology tips in your tweets, you can make your Twitter more, and your followers will be more inclined to engage with you. The way of motivating customers by the use of impressive language stem back to initial psychology that is applied to persuade and engage followers. For instance, the use of rhetorical questions in the outset of Tweet ads or ordinary sales tweet may affect well.

In this article, we are giving you some tips by using psychological techniques to boost up Twitter engagement and ways to get Twitter followers.

Get Benefits of the Bandwagon Effect

Man is a social being by instinct, and he cannot live in isolation. However, group discussion is a vital tool that mitigates man’s depression. On the platform of group discussion, people express their thoughts and opinions; thus their mind gets relaxed.

Now the society has drastically changed, yet human psyche of modern man can be compared to primitive man.  Psychologists claim that there are three types of groups: aspirational group, associative group, and dissociative group.

People identify you by the language you use in your tweets and consequently, they decide to respond to your tweet. You should use aspirational tweets for encouraging followers to join your team. 

Share tweets by using association tweets to engage followers and encourage them to respond to the tweet.  The choice of language for tweet guides followers to make a dissociative connection to a competitor, which results in better association with your brand.

Use Photo Psychology

Many advertising agencies and brands are there that use photos for grabbing the attention of the audience. Using a picture for profile psychologically affects the followers, and thus a picture helps users driving more traffic engagement on a tweet with image.

However, to make your tweet more valuable and authentic, you should post an image with the face of the company, for example, a photo of the CEO or owner.

Hire Self-Perception Theory

Through Self-Perception theory, the audience develops their attitudes based on their behavior. As a person who goes to watch a football match, maybe he has decided that he is a fan of a football match. However, he will act in a way that reinforces his identity as a football fan. Then he will go to purchase football and engage in conversation.

Make Your Tweet Concise

Try to make your tweet concise and straightforward so that ordinary people could be able to understand your tweet. For creating a simple tweet, write short paragraphs, short and straightforward sentences with the appropriate use of words.

In order to make your tweet more impressive, you can add a little bit humor as well.

Apply Reverse Psychology

Applying reverse psychology is the best technique often used by companies and brands. This technique brings more engagement to your tweet.

Reverse Psychology is a great way to attract the audience especially when you tell people not to read something. But you should avoid using this tactic too often.

Apply Primary Caps for Readability

A study conductor shows a variety of ad headlines from which to select ranging from all caps to all lowercase to sentence case. Almost 64 percent of followers like sentence case. The audience also prefers headline ads.

Users prefer ad headlines that are in sentence case (initial caps), as opposed to all caps or all lowercase.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the most amazing techniques that can really help you out in making your Twitter account more engaging and it can also assist you in increasing the followers on your