What should you pay attention to when you return home after bone marrow transplantation? Pay attention to what to eat?

Pay attention to food hygiene, wash fruits and vegetables.



The food should be fresh, and the spoiled food should not be eaten to avoid digestive tract infection. Eat high protein, high vitamin diet before pretreatment.

Pretreatment and early transplantation (within one month after transplantation) Eating light, less slag, digestible and less irritating food should avoid greasy, rough, stinging, spicy Food to avoid damage to the oral cavity and digestive tract mucosa. If you feel nausea during chemotherapy, you can eat a small amount, but you must not eat.


Pay attention to eating small meals. If there is oral chemotherapy, the meal time should be at least 2 hours apart from the medication time. You can eat some auxiliary foods that are not easy to cause nausea between meals , so you should chew slowly to avoid damage to the mucous membrane before mouth. Rinse with disinfectant after eating.

When you feel sick, you can take deep breaths repeatedly to relieve discomfort. When a mouth ulcer occurs, the diet should be based on semi-liquid food and liquid food.

Drink more water or no irritating liquid during chemotherapy to promote the excretion of metabolites in the body and reduce side effects.


In the middle and late stages of transplantation (from 1 month to half a year after transplantation), gradually increase the intake of food, gradually increase the intake of high-protein, high-vitamin, nutrient-rich foods, but can not eat foods that are not easily digested and absorbed, so as not to cause diarrhea.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. After the vegetables are cooked, they are eaten. After the fruits are peeled, they should be eaten. The fruits should be free from damage, no rot, and easy to clean and disinfect.